Malwee Brazil is part of a larger business group. The brand owns and operates 3 websites involved in the production of fashion goods, from manufacturing to online and physical retail.

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Malwee wanted to find an efficient way to optimise their onsite traffic in order to maximise conversion rate, AOV and net revenue per visit. Through careful analysis of their behavioral data, we were able to identify users who demonstrated low purchase intent. Segmenting these profiles and implementing strategies, we offer customized economic incentives conditionally, by user profile, safeguarding brand margins and maximizing profits. In this way we are able to improve various KPIs of ecommerce marketing, increasing the Conversion rate, AOV and optimizing the revenue per visit.


Using Fanplayr Malwee have increased both user purchase intention and user retention on the site. The users targeted by fanplayr (10% of the total visits) show a CR% of + 130% compared to the CR of the non-targeted and an AOV of + 70%, optimizing the revenue per visit of + 300%. Overall, Fanplayr has contributed between 20% to 30% of the site's total revenue each month.

"Fanplayr keeps our customer engaged and satisfied in their user's journey, helping us increase our online business performance taking care of every single aspect of the strategy. From data analysis to reporting, Fanplayr takes care of every single step of the project, delivering excellent results without effort from our team" Gabriela Rivera Dantas, E-commerce Coordinator