Real-time behavioral personalization to improve user experience and site performance


Fanplayr's suite of proprietary SaaS technologies drive e-commerce revenues and lead advancement for businesses across a wide array of market verticals including retail ecommerce, travel, telecommunication, car companies, banking, energy, insurance, entertainment and B2B

How We Work

Fanplayr's software analyzes web users’ behavior, identifying parts of the conversion funnel where new value can be realized, and uses our patented Segmentation as a Service technology to capture and apply first-party website visitor data-in-motion using artificial intelligence, machine learning and custom business rule sets to deliver highly segmented and targeted content and interactions to optimize conversions as well as to achieve other desired business outcomes and defined performance metrics.

Improving Visitor Experience

Fanplayr’s mission is to Make Behavioural Data Actionable by providing real-time intelligence and actionable insights for websites and services, enabling behavioural personalization for visitors. Fanplayr’s service empowers businesses to understand and interact with visitors by analyzing their behavior and thus understanding their intent, and then providing a personalized real-time experience.

Site Metrics

Fanplayr’s Service generates significant uplifts to conversion rates, average order value, revenue per visit, new customer acquisition rates and improves the visitor experience driving increased loyalty.

Our Product Modules

  • Behavioral Analytics Dashboard (Insights)
  • Real Time Segmentation
  • On-site Targeting with Personalized Offers and Messages
  • Integrations with Email Service Providers, CRMs and other applications
  • Web Push Notifications
  • Product Recommendations
  • Product Rankings
  • Personalized SMS
  • Site Speed Analytics


Act on real-time insights to transform your ecommerce business.


From Window shopper to Purchaser, First time visitor to Loyal customer, Price sensitivity to Brand sensitivity. Discover and understand the site metrics that lead to your conversions.


Watch how your sales-cycle performance changes over time while gaining access to a number of drill-down metrics. Determine what works and what does not, which cohort converts better than others.


Identify key characteristics among converting customer profiles to determine segmentation and targeting strategies.


Fanplayr's advanced segmentation engine allows retailers to easily divide cohorts of shoppers defined by 100s of rule based attributes.

New Customers

Fanplayr can help identify behavior and deliver incremental conversions by targeting users who would otherwise bounce.

Purchase History

Know how often a visitor is on your site, how many times they convert, at what price points and many other historical factors to determine which targeting options are likely to drive conversions.

Behavioral Targeting

Use 100s of collected visitor and behavioral attributes to align messages and offers with implicit and explicit visitor intent.

Segmentation as a Service

Use our powerful Segmentation as a Service API to connect and extend functionality on your site. Identify cohorts of users and using our API, target them in any way you like.


Fanplayr provides custom-tailored real-time offers and messages.

Targeted Messaging

Create personalized and engaging messaging targeted at visitors as they navigate your site.

On-Site Offers

Identify the best incentives to entice users, and deliver them in real-time to increase conversions.

Email Collection

Add fresh new leads to your email list by enticing visitors to give their email address using a segmented approach. Stop spamming them with popups.


Fanplayr is constantly testing and iterating campaigns to determine which offer makes sense to target to which segment of visitor traffic.

A/B Testing

Choose what percentage of your overall visitor traffic you want to target with offers. You have complete control to change the targeting with a simple button click.

Offer Testing

Add multiple offers to a targeting strategy and let Fanplayr identify the most effective offer.

Analyze Performace

Adjust your strategies as you examine various performance based reports and customer profiles Fanplayr generates.

Creative Editor

Fanplayr offers a full featured editor for your creative assets including banners, popup offers or email collection. It's as easy as making a presentation!

Extensive Templates

Get going quickly by simply choosing the right creative from an extensive array of templates. You can also edit every aspect to make it look exactly the way you want.


Easy previews to help you see how things look on desktop vs mobile, and even at any breakpoint you'd like.

Cross Platform

Completely cross-browser creative that makes sure it looks the way you want it, irrespective of the browser or OS.

Web Push Notifications

Deliver custom messages directly to your users' desktop and phone. Do away with undelivered emails and spam reports.

Assured Delivery

With Web Push Notifications, unlike email, rest assured that your messages reach all current subscribers, when you want them to.

Browser Compatability

Use our powerful previews to know exactly how your notifications would look on every targeted system, before you send them out.

Retargeting & Scheduling

Automate notifications to users who abandon your site, carts, or even manually schedule notifications for upcoming events and sales. You can use Fanplayr's market leading segmentation to target just a cohort of users.

Smart SMS

Smartphone users make their shopping decisions based on SMS marketing. Reach your customers where they are, optimizing behavioural personalization.

For any objective

Re-engage hesitant customers or keep them informed.

Fully personalized

Customize segments, bulk and triggered messages. In any language.

No additional integration

Set-up and launch are even easier than usual.

Product Recommendations

Integrate personalized product recommendations based on state-of-the-art AI and ranking models to make user experience more personal and boost revenues.

Fast and easy implementation

Set-up and launch couldn't be easier, we take care of everything.

Relevant to the user

Predict user preferences and rank products on your desired metrics. In real-time.

On-site and Off-site Delivery

Suggest products on-site or retarget and re-engage them via email and web push notifications.

Fanplayr SiteSpeed

Fanplayr SiteSpeed captures realtime performance metrics for pages and resources loaded on your website. Instead of relying on website crawlers to sample and approximate the performance of your site, SiteSpeed captures metrics directly from the unique perspective of each visitor to paint an accurate picture of performance for every page from all devices and locations.

Shopping Cart Integration

Fanplayr integrates with your shopping cart software, no matter the technology. We have fast integration for many popular shopping cart systems, but if your cart is not in the list we can support that too!

ESP Integration

Fanplayr integrates with your Email Service Provider. We have fast integrations for many popular ESPs, but if yours is not listed we can support that too!