Over the years Fanplayr has been chosen by a great number of mobile phone service operators to improve their performance in the Italian market, where competition between the various companies is very high. Thanks to Fanplayr's advanced real-time segmentation technology, the company has successfully managed to customize the user experience, creating user loyalty and engagement.

In formulating the strategy for an emerging mobile service provider, Fanplayr targeted users who were undecided or who had a low purchase intent rate by applying two different tactics depending on whether or not they had started the conversion funnel.

For users who had not started the conversion process, the Fanplayr widget recorded positive results in terms of engagement rate and post click conversion rate, despite the users having been classified with a low purchase intent (respective increase of 4% and of 2.5%). On the other hand, users who had started the funnel, despite showing a low purchase intention, at the time of the visit, received an economic incentive that they can use once the order is completed. The action of Fanplayr, in this case, was aimed at those users who had started the process (7%) and of these users involved, 36% completed the transaction process, with a high code redemption rate promotional (38%). Thanks to the strategy applied to these two targets, Fanplayr has contributed to generating more than a thousand conversions every month.

Fanplayr's solution not only allowed the brand to understand user behavior in real time, but also to engage them with personalized and on-site interactions. By sending consistent and tailored messages during the customer journey, the consumer is more motivated and willing to conclude the purchase.

Enrico Quaroni, Fanplayr VP Global Sales, added:

The work we have done with this type of customer has brought very positive results that demonstrate how important it is for online businesses to guide users towards conversion as it is not an automatic process. The conversion funnel, in fact, can be helped by behavioral data that provide a tailor made experience based on the type of user. Being able to offer an increasingly personalized customer journey represents a plus for operators in the sector.

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