The cookiegeddon is getting closer, Google will stop tracking third party cookies by 2022.

How will it impact the user experience and advertising and media industry? What will be the future like in a digital world without third-party cookies?

"Faced with such a disruptive paradigm change it is difficult to be for or against, you simply have to accept that things will no longer be the same and gear up accordingly. The scale of the event is comparable to the advent of the automobile as a means of mass transport: the manufacturers of towing carriages had to adapt to the new scenario without being able to do much else. In the same way, operators in the advertising technology sector will have to reinvent themselves, as they have often had to and have been able to do over the last 2 decades: after all, there are countless cases in which those who work in the field of technology and innovation have had to take alternative paths or simply adapt to a slow but inexorable decrease and sometimes extinction (how many photographic rolls have we bought in the last 10 years?)".

Read the insights of Enrico Quaroni, VP Sales & Marketing @Fanplayr in this interview!

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