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Personalized offers: a clever way of increasing brand loyalty

As a digital marketer, i’ve always relied on A/B testing in order to verify the impact marketing actions have on my client’s users. Most of you will be familiar with this technique; for those who are not, i’m referring to a controlled experiment with two (or more) variants whose goal is to identify changes to user experience that increase or maximize an outcome of interest. This tries to answer questions like “is my call-to-action better off in green or red?” from a scientific perspective.

18 September 2017

Fanplayr up 36% over 2015

Translation of an [article in Pubblicita Italia](

10 April 2017

Inc Magazine: Make your business thrive in 2016 with Fanplayr

As written by Inc’s John Boitnott, to make your business thrive in 2016, you need to make your customers feel truly known: Today’s customers have an overabundance of choices and will happily dump an impersonal brand for one that pleases them with personalized offerings.

8 December 2015