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Pubblicita Italia: Fanplayr, Da Palo Alto Arriva L'ecommerce Smart

Fanplayr recently landed in Italy and caters to e-commerce through an artificial intelligence system and is able to track visitors in online stores, offering real-time intelligent discounts. The tactic is the opposite of what the Americans call "spray and pray", i.e. spread promotions without any kind of rationality.

2 October 2015

Entrepreneur: 7 Tools

Big data, another buzz phrase that has popped up recently, has always been in use to drive various types of marketing and sales campaigns. Essentially, the concept was primarily used by large enterprises such as Microsoft and Amazon to gather extreme amounts of customer data to analyze trends and assess behavior at large. Thankfully, with the democratization of big data and wide adoption and innovation in technologies, startups can leverage the power of intelligence through data affordably.

2 October 2015

Fanplayr at DMEXCO Germany

The digital marketing conference DMEXCO wrapped up in Cologne, Germany, today, with plenty of interesting ideas being exchanged from over 600 journalists and 32,000 industry vets from around the world!

18 September 2015

Fanplayr Partners With Rand Internet Marketing

???Fanplayr the industry leading ‘Data+Actions’™ Service for eCommerce retailers, today announced a partnership with Rand Marketing – a full service digital agency specializing in interactive marketing campaigns, digital strategy and web site development for Magentoand WordPress sites.

14 July 2015

Customer Data Fuels the Omnichannel Retail Experience

The ability to shop online has made it that much easier for merchants to learn about their customers – retailers can analyze shoppers’ purchase histories, look at which items they are viewing, research how much time they spend on each product page and identify what triggers people to buy.

20 March 2015