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Online advertising, here is the importance of first-party cookies

The cookiegeddon is getting closer: how will it impact the user experience and advertising and media industry? What will be the future like in a digital world without third-party cookies? Read the insights of Enrico Quaroni, VP Sales & Marketing @Fanplayr in this interview with Il Sole 24 Ore.

8 June 2021

The landing of Fanplayr

There is no e-commerce project that could be considered solid that does not take into consideration a data analysis tool that seeks customer loyalty. The issue is to generate new potential sales, but also to take care of personal data and to avoid the increasingly annoying bombardment of banners when entering while browsing the net or simply when checking email.

7 June 2021

Top e-commerce best practices and upcoming trends, a talk with Simon Yencken

Where is e-commerce now and where is it going? What are the actions companies need to take to improve their results through online sales? Simon Yencken, Fanplayr founder and CEO shares in this interviews his vision and explains why investing in behavioral data and online target segmentation can be the strategic move that helps create more satisfying experiences for the consumer.

25 May 2021

E-commerce an ally for growth

The health emergency has completely revolutionized the approach of shoppers, marking in a few months a change of pace that probably would have come in ten years. However, often we read of negative opinions on e-commerce, which is perceived more as an enemy to be fought than as an ally. The strategy that everyone should pursue, from the food world to the fashion one, from the beauty brand to the auto one, is to adapt to e-commerce to grow, to find a new sales channel, alongside the physical one.

24 May 2021

The CX World Must Get Smart About Gamification

Stop using discounts to attract your users, start knowing them better and leverage their behavior. Instead of churning out codes, brands should be using offers and discounts in exchange for an activity they want consumers to complete, such as placing an item in their basket or providing an email address. The smart use of discounts pinpoints web visitors who are at a certain stage in the customer journey and targets them with the right incentive to purchase. Read more on the guest post that Andrew McNab, VP Emea @Fanplayr wrote for CX Today!

20 May 2021

Customization is still possible in a cookie-free world

The world of online adv is about to undergo a real revolution, the elimination of support for third-party cookies, an epochal change that aims to better protect the privacy of users. In this unprecedented scenario, the first-party data will become extremely important and only those who have a methodology that detects this type of data will be able to have the best possible picture of who the users are browsing their site and how to reach them.

17 May 2021

Fanplayr Allows Advertisers to Do More with First-Party Data

Even as states begin to reopen and stores welcome more shoppers back inside, e-commerce spending continues to surge. New projections have Amazon’s global e-commerce sales growing by nearly 12% in 2021 to $532.2 billion. Retailers with strong investments in first-party data are particularly well positioned to succeed as privacy standards increase and third-party tracking slows down.

27 April 2021

Engage interview with Enrico Quaroni

Behind the rapid growth of the company is a technology that does not depend on cookies and which allows companies to improve their digital strategies by transforming users into buyers. Interview with VP Global Sales

19 April 2021