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Enrico Quaroni on Fanplayr - Podcast series

"Enrico Quaroni on Fanplayr" is a podcast series in partnership with Forbes Italia. Enrico Quaroni, Fanplayr’s VP Global Sales, will tell the history and future plans of the Company, explore the trends in the martech industry and share customers' success stories in six episodes.

10 March 2021

Fanplayr consolidates its presence in Mexico

This company specialized in behavioral data, big data, which offers its services for real-time segmentation and information for the best sales performance of websites and e-commerce, Fanplayr, announces a growth of 190% in 2020, compared to the previous year in Latin America.

5 March 2021

Fanplayr opens two UK offices

Fanplayr has opened new offices in London and Manchester, ahead of what it anticipates will be ‘significant’ eCommerce revenue growth in the UK this year. The company has announced that it’s already acquired four ‘major’ UK clients, and has confirmed three senior appointments to its growing UK team.

3 March 2021

Fanplayr announces 190% growth in LATAM

New clients and market strategies related to the pandemic were responsible for the result in the region that includes Brazil, Argentina and Mexico

10 February 2021

Fanplayr attends Ratecard Days 2021 (French)

Kilian de Menibus presents Fanplayr's value proposition during Ratecard Days, an online event with major Adtech and Martech solutions in the French market. We are convinced that we will see a rebalancing between the budget allocated to acquisition and that allocated to conversion. By using onsite behavioral data, websites can generate significant uplifts and reduce their over-reliance on walled gardens and 3rd party data.

4 February 2021

Financial Services and Digital Customer Journeys after COVID-19

In June 2019, the Bank of England released a 147-page report, The Future of Finance, which noted that "Technology is changing how we work, spend and live, and went on note the importance of finance in helping "households and businesses adjust to and take advantage of the new economy, if firms and policymakers rise to the challenge. This virtuous circle is potentially closed by technology: "Advanced analytics and the emergence of artificial intelligence could transform how customers experience finance and the agility, efficiency and resilience of financial firms.

3 February 2021

Knowing Your Customers without IDing Them | Simon Yencken from Fanplayr

E-Commerce has brought selling advantages too numerous to mention. But one thing it lacks is the experience of looking a customer in the eye, interpreting their body language, and tailoring a pitch on the fly to accommodate their character. Instead, sellers are often forced to utilize a more blanketed sales approach, which can result in fewer conversions. But Simon Yencken, the co-founder and CEO of Fanplayr, doesn’t believe it has to be this way.

2 February 2021

CEO Simon Yencken on Contender Cast (Podcast)

Simon Yencken is the founder and CEO of Fanplayr. Fanplayr enables the creation and display of customized content for individual ecommerce visitor segments, including embedded content, overlays, email collection and product suggestions. Fanplayr provides a fully automated solution to track, analyze and intelligently target web site visitors and convert them to loyal customers. Simon joins Justin to discuss his background in the entrepreneurship space as well as experience launching Fanplayr.

23 January 2021

Fanplayr Acquires Japan-Based Jamu Inc.

The acquisition represents the fulfillment of a long-term relationship between Fanplayr and Jamu Inc., which dates back to 2012 and has been profitable for both companies. Jamu was founded that year by former Reuters colleague and investor in Fanplayr, Hideaki Ueda, who commented, "Expansion to Japan has been a reliable source of growth for successful foreign technology companies. Classic examples are Apple and Oracle. Penetrating this market is challenging and a visible commitment is absolutely necessary, which takes time. For these reasons, I encouraged my friends at Fanplayr to start in Japan as early as possible."

22 December 2020