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Fanplayr Data Shows Retailers Are Making Up for Lost Sales

Tracking aggregate behavior across clients’ sites, the data prove a shift from retail to online purchasing. The results are particularly dramatic in large clothing, sports and kids fashion retailers. According to analyses of sites with over 20 million visitors per month, key indicators of e-commerce success have risen consistently and simultaneously during the period of time a particular market has been dealing with COVID-19. Visitor traffic, conversion rates and AOV (average order value) have all increased. Simultaneous increases in key indicators is rare, even during peak holiday seasons. Simon Yencken, Founder and CEO of Fanplayr states, "It demonstrates our clients are recapturing some lost revenues, namely 30-40%, caused by limited or no store traffic."

17 April 2020

Fanplayr, retailers rely on online to make up for losses in physical stores

The Covid-19 epidemic has had devastating effects on sales of physical businesses that they had to temporarily cease their activity and only later will it be possible to precisely define its scope. The circumstances caused a series of changes that led to change market strategies: who sells must now focus on online, but it must do so just when the tracking mechanisms it previously relied on have lost their effectiveness. With the recent announcement from Google third party tracking or cookies will in fact be limited and eventually eliminated, many companies are therefore wondering how they will be able to track the behavior of online shoppers.

13 April 2020

AI Software Radically Increases Online Shopping Rates

Fanplayr is an ecommerce leader in using data to help businesses increase online experiences and sales. They offer a prescriptive and unique approach for businesses to stay one step ahead as major browser vendors announce changes to the way they handle tracking prevention.

30 March 2020

Internationalist Interview with Enrico Quaroni Living Lockdown in Milan, Italy

Today, The Internationalist talks with Enrico Quaroni who is living in lockdown in Milan. Italy has been particularly hard hit by the Coronavirus, with roughly 3,500 deaths thus far. The country also has the world’s second-oldest population--23% of Italians are over the age of 65. (This compares with 16% in the US.) University of Oxford researchers recently concluded that Italy is suffering so severely from COVID19 because the elderly are so prevalent in society and the young spend lots of time with them, particularly their cherished grandparents.

20 March 2020

Fanplayr on SalesStar Podcast

Enrico Quaroni, VP of Global Sales at Fanplayr recently joined us in an episode of The SalesStar Podcast to talk about his greatest learnings and experiences in B2B and Technology Sales.

25 February 2020